How "Noriko" Came to Be

Noriko Park (the owner) was born in Tokyo, Japan.  She began working in the skin care business since 1987; she was quickly recognized for her outstanding work as an esthetician in VOGUE (1998 April) and STUDIO U.S.A. (1993/Nov.Dec.) as one of the best estheticians in the city.  Her clientele includes celebrities, and well-known athletes.

Throughout Ms. Park’s career in the skin care business she kept hoping to find a cleanser to better meet the needs of her clients.  It was not until 1999 that Noriko was introduced to a cleanser from Japan which she considered to be superior.  It was then that she negotiated exclusive rights to sell this wonderful cleanser here in the United States and called it “Ionic Cleanser.”

The reason behind Ionic Cleanser’s success is that it is made from Volcanic ash; this volcanic ash contains healing properties of negative ions and minerals.  Additionally, Ionic Cleanser is a great make-up remover, an efficient exfoliating scrub and a revitalizing masque.  There is no one product on the market that can meet all these skin care needs with the purchase of just one jar.  Today Ionic Cleanser is a strong household item in Japan which sells in many of the major department stores.  

After the success of Ionic Cleanser she learned more about the cosmetic industry, and realized the harsh chemicals and preservatives used.  She decided to create products with combined ancient beauty secrets she knew from the East and the advanced technology of the West.  It was a challenging task to keep the integrity of the products, while at the same time satisfying the needs of the user.  For instance, her main products are packaged to produce the best results; hence, came the amber glass bottle with a glass dropper.

Customers may prefer the convenience of a pump, yet pumps contain metal inside which negatively effects the fragile ingredients (such as Vitamin C).  Customers often choose products by scent or texture which does not necessarily benefit skin.  

They also are environmentally safe; she cares about going “GREEN”.  

Most products come in recyclable containers and packaged boxes have been eliminated to save trees!  

If you care about what you put into your body --- naturally you care about what you put on your skin --- and your skin will thank you for it!